First draft of The Storeroom finished!

Started on the 23rd of December. Finished on the 28th. I'm currently reviewing the script, but the first draft of my new play, working title 'The Storeroom', is finished! It's a farcical comedy based in a hostage situation. Keep your eyes open for a potential performance in the new year. Here's a little snippet of… Continue reading First draft of The Storeroom finished!


A.D.A.M to go into the British Library!

Today we received an email from the British Library, asking for a copy of my play "A.D.A.M - The Modern Frankenstein" to be put into their Modern Playscripts Collection as a piece of contemporary work! Very exciting news and caught me very off-guard, but will hopefully be the first of many.


Edinburgh Run!

The Edinburgh performance of A.D.A.M went amazingly! We sold really well, and got some fantastic audience feedback, including a professional review which gave some fantastic feedback on my script.  If you want to have a read, check it out here http://www.tvbomb.co.uk/review/d-m-modern-frankenstein/! In the meantime, we're looking into putting on some shows with Shade Theatre across the… Continue reading Edinburgh Run!