A Day In The Park

I’ve been working on a new project – it’s set in one spot in a park over 24 hours, and shows six little stories of the people we see there.  Here’s a little extract from one of the recurring stories – our homeless heroes, Sparksy and Mitch, as they discuss a watch that Sparksy has recently “acquired”:


SPARKSY: Mitch. (he puts his arm around his friend) Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. You really don’t get it, do you?


MITCH: Get what?


SPARKSY: This. All of this.


MITCH: What? Hyde Park?


SPARKSY:  No. Beyond that.


MITCH pauses, confused.


MITCH: …Kensington.


SPARKSY: No, Mitch.  Even further out than that.


MITCH pauses.


SPARKSY: I’m going to interrupt before you say “London”.  All of this.  All of everything.  This entire kingdom is ours.  We’re not beggars.  Fine, we might be reliant on the occasional fortuitious donation, but we don’t beg.  And we’re not homeless.  No, Mitchy, my boy, it isn’t even close like that.  Our home is everywhere. It’s limitless.  We are not confined to one place like most people. We have complete freedom.  Freedom to roam, to explore, to adventure.  Every day brings something new, and it’s vibrant and exciting.  Who knows what we’ll see.  Who knows what we’ll do, or who we’ll meet, or where we’ll go. But that’s just the point. That’s our life, Mitch.  No boundaries, only us, and the world.


MITCH pauses, and smiles.


MITCH: Yeah. Yeah.  But what’s that got to do with the watch.


SPARKSY: This watch, Mitch, this watch means two things.  Firstly, it symbolises hope. This watch shows us how things can always move up in this wide world. There are no limits to where we can go, you and I.  So long as we have each other, we can do anything. That’s what the watch tells us. But more so than that, Mitch…


SPARKSY looks off into the distance. MITCH is hanging on his every word.


MITCH: Carry on! What else does the watch mean?


SPARKSY: More than that Mitch, this watch.


MITCH: Yeah?


SPARKSY: This watch…


MITCH: Yeah?!


SPARKSY: This watch… it means we can tell what bloody time it is!


SPARKSY erupts into laughter. MITCH looks disappointed.


Lights down.


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