It’s Quiet Outside

I’ve been experimenting with internal rhymes, and I wanted to share that on this blog.  However, this poem is a little bit more personal. Today is the two year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing, and I decided to deal with it in the way I always deal with things – writing. Here’s what I’ve written – entitled “It’s Quiet Outside”.

It’s quiet outside.

The cold winds and star act as a guide

As I try to confide and try not to hide

From the one star that’s shining brightest above.

A star made from love that seems to know what I’m thinking of.


It’s quiet outside.

It’s been two years now since that star was born.

Two years now since the whole world was torn

Apart from a rift in our hearts

Two years since we started to mourn.


I’ve never been sure what I think is true

When you pass on, what happens to you.

I’d like to believe that you still live on

But something about that just seems to be wrong.


Thinking of a life uncompleted, it leaves me depleted

And cheated, as I remember how I sat there and pleaded

For you to stay for just one more minute.

Cause my life’s not the same without your presence in it.


I like to think that you live on through me and my brother

My father, my mother, and plenty of other

People whose lives you touched on the way.

I’m sure we all think about you every day.


I still hear you in songs, and it makes me long

To have you back for a round of drinks, and we’d mix them so strong

But you’re in the stars now, looking down with lights’ touch.

It’s quiet outside, and I miss you so much.


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