A New Project!

I haven’t written anything in ages. I haven’t had the time, or particularly had the drive. But today, I’ve started writing a new play. It’s called “Five Rules For Living”, and I like the way it’s started – let’s see how far I get with it. For a little taster, here’s an extract from a monologue in the second scene that sets the pace for the rest of the play:

“Have you ever tried to play a new game without reading the instructions? It’s really confusing at first.  Things seem to be happening at an unforgiving pace, and there doesn’t seem to be a real way to catch up.  You press buttons and shit just happens.  Slowly, you begin to figure out which button does what, and you can adapt to it over time. “X is duck, and if I press circle at the same time then my character does some sort of crouching forward roll. Maybe if I hold down the right trigger? Cool! A front flip!”. You become accustomed to it, and eventually those random buttons seem second nature to you. You can go back to the beginning, and those things that seemed so intimidating and quick suddenly seem relaxed, like they’re no problem at all. Imagine if the moment that you figured out how to play the game, the rules changed immediately. X suddenly became jump instead of duck, and that cool front flip you were trying to show you friends? Well that same command now makes your character shit themselves. That’s sort the way life works. The rules are constantly changing, and it’s impossible to adapt. (pause) It has always frustrated me that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. There is no way of knowing if you’re doing something right or wrong. Sure, social convention dictates the way we live our lives, but there’s no set of rules to tell us what to do. No guidebook to set in place our future, or to even show us the right path. So, I decided I’d try to make my own.”


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