First draft of The Storeroom finished!

Started on the 23rd of December. Finished on the 28th. I’m currently reviewing the script, but the first draft of my new play, working title ‘The Storeroom’, is finished! It’s a farcical comedy based in a hostage situation. Keep your eyes open for a potential performance in the new year. Here’s a little snippet of the script:

MATT: That’s it!

MARY: What’s it?

MATT: I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it until now!

SOPHIE: Thought about what?!

MATT: Everyone. Empty your pockets now.


MATT: Just do it!

They do it. There is a bunch of random crap assembled on the floor in front of MATT. Buttons, receipts, paperclips, etc.

MATT: Perfect. Perfect.

SOPHIE: What on earth are you doing?

MATT: It’s like one of those games, isn’t it?

MARY: What games?

MATT: Escape the room.

SOPHIE: Oh for fucks’ sake.

MATT: It’s simple. You find a bunch of items, and you combine a few of them to find a way to get out of the room. Let’s see what we have here.

MATT gets onto the floor and begins to root through the pile of items.

MATT: Right. If we can combine this button and this paperclip, what can we make?

RICHARD: A broken button.

JAKE: And a misshapen paperclip.

MATT: Damn it, you’re right. What about this receipt and the paperclip?

SOPHIE: I still don’t think that’s going to help.

MATT: Hmm. Okay. I need all of you to be quiet.

MARY: Why?

MATT: I need to enter my mind palace.

MARY: Your mind pal-

MATT: Quiet.

They fall silent. There is a pause, as MATT sits in front of the pile of crap with his eyes closed, thinking. Calmly, he opens his eyes.

MATT: Okay.

SOPHIE: What have you got?

MATT: Using my skills and experience, I have managed to deduce that…


MATT: All of these items are useless to helping us escape.

SOPHIE: Fantastic.


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