New play!

After the success of A.D.A.M (three countries and four different runs), I’ve decided to embark on a new project. I’ve started writing a new play, which is a comedy based in a hostage situation – I’m trying to broaden my horizons slightly, and thought a straight comedy (with a bit of a bottleneck element thrown in there too) would be a good place to start. It revolves around five characters – a young man, a young woman, a bank teller, and a middle-aged couple. Here’s a little snippet of the script so far, as they’re trying to figure out how they can escape the back office they’ve been thrown into:

“RICHARD: Now, does anyone have an idea as to how we’re going to get out of this mess?


MARY: I’m relying on you, sweetheart.

JAKE: Am I allowed to talk again?

RICHARD: (sighs) Yes.

JAKE: Nope, no idea.

MATT: I know how we can get out of here.

The other four turn to look at MATT, who has been sat on the floor in the corner in silence up until now.

MATT: You see, I’m not like you people. I’m always prepared for something like this.  This isn’t my first hostage situation.  And I know exactly how to get us out of here.

JAKE: What? Really? Tell us!

MATT:  I can’t just tell you.  I’d prefer to show you.  You see, there’s a reason why I’m here with all of you.  I’m deep undercover.  I’ve been tracking this criminal gang for months, and finally, I decided the best way to beat them was to get stuck inside on one of their cons.  I knew they were gonna hit this joint.  I’m in here on purpose.  You want to know more about me? The name’s Matt.  Matt Bond.  Any of you familiar with that name at all?  Probably not, but maybe if I told you my original first name then you would.  It’s James.  James Bond. 

MATT begins singing the James Bond theme tune from the corner of the room.

SOPHIE: Well that’s…useless.”

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet, and I’ll be sure to keep this blog updated with bits and pieces as I write more and more. Thanks to the people who bought commissions over the last few weeks, and have a Merry Christmas!


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