I spend a lot of time thinking about nothing.
Not thinking about nothing as in the daydreaming,
Drifting off with eyes gleaming,
That regular people do.
Thinking about nothing as a possibility.
A future endeavour, and trying to imagine what sheer nothingness would feel like.

It sounds lonely.

We as people aren’t defined by solitude, it’s our interactions that count.
No one knows who you are from those lonely nights that you spend eating pizza in your underwear with a tight chest and feeling like your world is about to collapse.
It is not our demons that define us, but the person who makes it outside.
The one who puts on a brave face.
People care about that person, and they don’t want to see the bright light fade.

Life is less about the light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel itself.
If you’re constantly focusing on your destination, you’ll never appreciate the journey.
And there is a delight that can be found in sadness.
In those nights when your universe is exploding.
Because what could be better than knowing that the only way is up?


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